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Who We Are

The name CORTEQ is an acronym for Core Technologies, the base systems that any small to medium sized business needs. We have been building computers and servers, training end users and tailoring technology solutions for nearly 30 years.

We have built our company on reliability and performance, the two issues most important to our customers.

It takes experience and a wide range of IT skills to solve technology problems and confidently implement plans for customer needs. If you have an IT problem and want to talk to someone who knows what they are doing, tap the Contact tab and drop us a message, or give us a call.

What We Do

We are ideal partners for small to medium sized businesses. We act as your IT Department, solving any technology issue you may have. We can do this by entering a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with you or on a casual basis.

  • Scalable services
  • Reliable equipment
  • Advise based on years of experience
  • Available when you need us

Our Services

  •   Computers & Laptops

    We like to custom build PC’s to client requirements. This gives us a huge advantage in that we can choose the components and control the quality of the build. The result is always better value, better performance and a machine that we can support for years to come.

    If it's a laptop you need, we recommend Lenovo for durability and performance. Others make prettier machines, but we have fewer issues with Lenovo than any other brand on the market. Keyboards and track pads tend to wear out very quickly in other brands, whereas Lenovo has been the industry leader in quality keyboards for many years.

  •   Servers

    A high quality server with specifications matching the needs of your office is essential to any business.

    CORTEQ has provided servers to businesses throughout New Zealand. We take this privilege seriously and supply brand name equipment we know we can trust and support, or we build a dedicated machine from components chosen to suit your requirements.

  •   Network Structures

    The backbone of any office network is the equipment and cabling that links it all together. Switches, routers, patch panels, firewalls, WiFi access points are just a few pieces of the puzzle that make up a robust and reliable network.

    CORTEQ has had many years working with a variety of vendors and we know what equipment works best in different environments. Poor choices in the network infrastructure can create bottlenecks and frustrate users with slow performance and outages. This is an area we look closely at to get it right for now and future expansion.

  •   VoIP Phone Systems

    Internet phone services have progressed greatly in recent years. Now, Voice over IP phones offer a better experience than traditional landlines at a fraction of the cost. CORTEQ can provide professional solutions whether you have a 3 phone office or 300.

    Adding VoIP to your network is a logical step for us. We supply Yealink phones as our preferred brand and an on-site PBX solution to manage extensions, voicemail and call routing.

    Conference calls, pickup groups, call history, multiple extensions, time based forwarding... the features available with VoIP are numerous. The best place to start is to talk with us an tell us what you would like your phone system to be able to do.

  •   Water Cooled Workstations

    If your work involves video rendering, high end computations or you want the best gaming performance possible, you need a very fast system. Custom built with a full loop water cooling solution is the only way to go.

    Water is the best cooling agent and is necessary to keep temperatures down while your components run at their optimal speeds. CORTEQ are specialists in designing systems tailored to the client's needs.

    Wet systems are safe and perform much better than air-cooled alternatives when built by engineers who know what they are doing.

  •   Support 24/7

    Stuff happens! Why is it that it's never at a convenient time? We know downtime for you is a nightmare which is why we are available 24/7 for our clients.

    Scheduled maintenance of the network, PC's and especially servers is a must. Prevention they say is better than a cure. We are happy to service equipment at a time that suits you. You cannot bring the server down in the middle of the day to update it or clean it out, we know that. Let us work with you to provide the best service at the right time.

    To show that we really do understand, we don't charge after hours rates! Our fees are the same, no matter what the time is or what the day is... now who else can show that sort of commitment to their clients?

  •   Cloud Services

    For small businesses, Cloud services can provide more than just backup. Collaborative links for other devices and users can serve as a workgroup solution for sharing documents and remote office connectivity.

    If you are not using your own Mail Server, CORTEQ recommends and can deploy a Microsoft Exchange Online solution which is especially useful for businesses with less than 20 staff. Having the convenience and reliability of an Exchange Server managing your email will allow you the comfort of knowing you can access mail from any device anywhere.

  •   Web Design

    A web presence can mean anything from a simple online contact sheet to a full E-Commerce site where you can sell online.

    CORTEQ can provide your domain name, design a website or bring your existing presence up to date. This is the fun stuff where we can get a bit creative.

  •   Programming

    Making systems work the way you need them to work can require additional programming or scripting. We can also help with templates, macros and other light-end facilities that can make document creation easy, or automating functions that may otherwise get missed.

  •   Training

    We want to help you to get the best out of your computer systems. Sometimes that means training you or your staff in areas where improvement will mean better productivity.

    CORTEQ can help with either formal training or one on one sessions to teach specific skills needed in your workplace.

Our Portfolio

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